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Meet Dave


I often get asked where my passion and love for crafting furniture comes from. Let's rewind 30 years to where the story began. 

I used to help my dad in his workshop on the weekends. Being a hobbyist woodworker my father used to turn handcrafted items on the lathe for family and friends. The smell of fresh timber shavings and beeswax was then cemented in my memory.

After finishing high school I pursued a career in Carpentry and Construction and worked on some fascinating projects around Melbourne. I then spent 6 years at one of Melbourne’s oldest and renowned hotels where I was employed to refurbish and restore antique furniture. This is where the smell of beeswax and polish re-ignited my earlier passion.

Whilst raising a young family for the past 10 years I have come to a crossroads in my life and have realised that it is now or never to live my passion and first love every single day. 

After my handcrafted trestle tables received an amazing response from my local community it is now time to offer this product to a broader audience.

Each trestle is handcrafted individually and has its own unique characteristics. No two tables are the same. The timber is locally sourced, sustainably harvested and milled in Victoria. Each table is finished in a non-toxic organic mixture of oils that bring out the lustre of each piece. Being solid timber each table can be completely recycled.

I hope that you enjoy and love your table as much as I have enjoyed crafting it for you.


Every journey begins with a single step and I am thankful that you have become part of my journey. 


Bushman Dave.

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