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Bushman Dave products are made with Australian hardwood, which will naturally expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Consider the placement of the furniture and try to avoid direct contact with radiators, lamps and other heat emitting items. We recommend that all products are stored indoors or under cover outdoors and should not be over exposed to long hours of direct sunlight or harsh elements. 

For outdoor products, we also recommend to cover when not in use.



We use Osmo hard wax oil which is based on natural products and penetrates deep into the wood protecting both the inside and outside. As timber is a natural product we recommend to avoid using harsh chemicals as they are designed to dissolve grease and oil and will overtime breakdown the finish. Luke warm soapy sponge or cloth is suitable, and a product such as the Osmo Spray Cleaner which contains natural oils will keep your furniture protected. 

For detailed information on products finished with Osmo oil, please refer to the below maintenance schedule and products available for purchase from







As every outdoor area varies to how much exposure it receives from the elements it is difficult to recommend an exact oiling regime. At Bushman Dave we recommend once or twice a year or whenever the hardwood timber begins to look a little dry. Our outdoor products are made from Australian hardwood timbers and will last for many years providing that the products are well maintained when exposed to the harsh Australian elements. Whenever the timber begins to look a little dry or graying off to its natural state, we advise a light sanding and the application of a good quality outdoor furniture oil. Naturally, it is advised to keep the furniture covered when not in use as this will prolong the maintenance schedule. Our steel components are powder-coated and relatively maintenance free. All that is required is to keep the metal clean by using a mild soapy solution, rinse and dry. Like all outdoor items it is recommended to cover and store in a cool dry place at seasons end.


As with the oil, the best way to clean and maintain products with a lacquer finish is to wipe down with a lule warm soapy sponge or cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals. 


Prior to November 2020 we used a variety of techniques to finish our products. If you purchased a piece before this date, for advice on the aftercare of your specific piece, please kindly send us a pic of your piece to and we will tailor our aftercare advice accordingly.

Thank you,

Team Bushman Dave.

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