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Bushman Dave handmade furniture is made with sustainability front of mind. Just like our products, our timber is made here in Australia and carries PEFC and CoC certifications. This ensures that forests and plantations are sustainably managed and use open and transparent processes, including the consideration of local indigenous community’s beliefs and values as well as the impact on the environmental and ecological surroundings.

Our timber species, Southern/Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Spotted Gum & Blackbutt are hand selected not just because they are beautiful and robust, but also because on a holistic level they are some of the most sustainable options when considering carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, harvesting and regeneration. 

Additionally, we endeavor to reduce landfill by creating timeless products that are built to last for generations, rather than just a few years.

In the coming months we will be introducing a recycled / reclaimed trestle to our offering, which will further support reducing our carbon footprint.

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